News: Looking for females who are in the pure female lines (mother to daughter) from William and Sarah who are willing to do an mtDNA test. Such a person would be descended along an all female line from Mary DEVIN Biggers or Margaret DEVIN Reynolds. The hope is to identify the markers for Sarah SMITH Devin to help identify her parents. Contact the webmaster if interested.

Devin descendant, Stanley Wayne Devin, passed away at 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2014. He was the last living child of Ira & Oleta Devin.
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The Devin Family Manuscript (1940)

Transcript of a manuscript sent by Etta DEVIN Parker to Irene F. Devin postmarked Apr. 8, 1940. This manuscript appears to be a precursor to Dessa DEVIN Hofstetter's manuscript. It has one notation by D.H. which may mean Dessa was the compilier of this manuscript.

This is a true transcript except to combine hyphenated words. A couple of corrections to years have been inserted with square brackets. Other than these additions, all spelling and puncuation is left as in the manuscript. Transcribed by David Devin 22.Dec.2010 from a photocopy of the manuscript. The photocopy was made from the copy sent to Irene F. Devin which is currently in the files owned by Carl G. Devin.

[page 01]

The Devin Family

The progenitor of the Devin Family in America, was William Devin, Sr.
He was born in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1724, and the descendant of a
Huguenot family that was driven from France because of religious persecutions.

From a letter to A. Harrison Devin from Robert Devin, son of James, son
of William, Jr., son of William, Sr., we are given the following record,
presumably of the father of William, Sr.

From the records of the township of Camden: William and Martha Devin
were joined in marriage the 7th day of September 1720 by ?????Rector of
Camden. Another entry; Saran Devin was born March 20, 1728.

William Devin, Sr., came to America in 1745 or 1746 and soon afterwards
married and settled in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. William Devin, Sr.
died in 1802, his wife, Sarah Smith, whom he married in Virginia in 1750,
died sometime prior to 1800. He was a member of the Presbyterian church
and accumulated some wealth. To them were born eleven children, some dying in
childhood. Following are the names of the known children???James, John,
Mary -- married??????Biggar, William, Jr. born 1752,-- married Martha
Mitchell, 1780, Robert -- married Nancy Parrish, Jan. 25, 1791, Joseph,
married Elizabeth Norlin, April 30, 1788, Sarah - unmarried, Margaret
married Joseph Reynolds, Aug. 21, 1780, A1exander -- married Susan Norlin,
July 9, 1771.

From the Pittsylvania County, Virginia, courthouse record books the fol?
lowing items were copied:

James Devin Plaintiff in a law suit, March 1774.

William and James Devin were exempted from working roads, March 1773.

James Devin sworn as ensign in militia 1780, March court.

William Devin Sr. made a deed to William Devin, Jr., Feb. 17, 1794.

William Devin Sr. and Wii1iam Devin Jr. are the only Devins 1isted as
heads of families in Virginia Census 1785.

Devin deeds and records show their land to be near Sandy River, with
west corner Pittsy1vanis Co., Va., to the north west of Danville and east of
Martinville, Virginia.

Deed from William 'Devin April 25, 1772 recorded in Book 2, P 497.

Deed from William Devin, Sr., Nov. 21, 1785, recorded in Book 7, p 534.

Will of William Devin, Sr., recorded April 18, 1802, Book D and W #11
page 243, names his children, James, Mary Biggar, William Devin Jr,
Robert Devin, Joseph Devin, Sarah Devin and Margaret Reynolds.

The name of William Devin appears in the list of Grand Jury May court
1777. Judgments 4, page 4, State of Virginia.

William Devin, Sr.?s., war record; No. 4 ???166th Continental Line.

He received a certificate of ba1ance of full pay, according to act passed
the November Session of 1781 as sergeant of Infantry.

In the 1790 census records in the Virginia State Library the following
notations are given:

Page 80 William Devin, Sr. Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Page 100 William Devin, Jr.-Pittsylvania County, Virginia

William Devin, Sr's., place of residence at the time of the Revolutionary
war was Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He died in Caruthers Co.,
now Pittsylvania Co.) in 1802.

The territory around there was deivided up so often one can hardly tell
what county the old Devin places were located. At one time it was Halifax
county. The old Devin farm is not far from Danville, much closer
Chatham, so William Sr. probably enlisted in Danville. His home was willed
to his daughter Sarah who belonged to a church in Chatham. Farm now known

[page 02]

as the Sarah Hensley place. The last Devin to live on the place was known
as Jim Diven (note spelling) He died about two years before my informant,
Anna Hudleson, descendant of Alexander, made a visit to the place. (D.H.)
about 1930.

William and Sarah Devin's four oldest sons served in the Revolutionary
War. One of these, John, was wounded and while confined to his room carved
a powder horn and gave it to his brother Alexander who was not old enough
to go to war. Alexander used it when he went off to preach. The horn is
now in possession of William Devin, son of John Devin, son of Peyton
Devin, son of Alexander Devin who was the youngest son of William, Sr.

William Devin, Jr., bought an old Bible at Valley Forge from John Vance at
Headquarters at Valley Forge in the year 1778. This Bible has been in the
Devin family since that time. Size 3«x6 in. From the family records in the
Bible much valuable information has been obtained in regard to the family.
Do not know where the Bible is now.

William Devin, Jr. ----- William, Jr., the 4th child and third son of
William Devin, Sr., and Sarah Smith Devin, was born in Pittsylvania County,
Virginia, in 1752. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war and fought on
the side of the colonies against Great Britian for a period of three years.
He participated in the battles of Monmouth, Brandywine, Germantown and others
some of the most fierce and hotly contested battles of that historic war.
While in the army, he had a small pox in a very malignant form and came
near losing his life. His face was left badly marked with pits.

Two of his brothers, John and Robert, were with William Jr., in the army.
John was severely wounded by being shot through the body, but he entirely
recovered and later died very suddenly while on a visit at the home of his

William Devin, Jr., was married to Martha Mitchell, the younger daughter
of James and Jane M1tchell, in the year 1780 ? Martha Mitchell Devin was
born in the year 1762. They moved to Kentucky in the year 1785 but returned
to Virginia in 1789. William Devin, Jr., was a devout member of the Presbyterian
Church. In personal appearance he is said to have been medium size,
compactly built, about five feet ten or eleven inches in height, blue eyes
and light hair and weighing about 160 pounds. He had a florid complexion.
He died from a cancerous affliction on the 28th day of April 1810, in his
59th year. His wife, Martha Mitchell Devin., is said to have been a very fine
singer and a woman of education and refinement. There were nine children
born to William and Martha Devin, to-wit: James and Jane (twins) born
May 15, 1781, John born 1783; Sarah born 1785; Mary, born 1788; Elizabeth,
born 1792; Clayton, born July 11, 1793; Bethsheba born 1797; William Robert born August 1800.

JAMES DEVIN ----- James the first child and eldest son of William Devin Jr,
and Martha Devin, his wife, was born May 18th, 1781. In 1811, in his 30th
year, he married Temperance Cox, the daughter of James and Julia Handkins
Cox. Soon after their marriage. James and Temperance Devin settled in the
lower part of Herry County near the Pittsylvania line. James was a man who
possessed much mathematical genius, he followed the trade of house carpenter
as well as cabinet maker for a number of years. He was a man of some lit?
erary tastes and acquirement, and yielding to the wishes of the people of
the community in Which he lived, he engaged a good deal of his time in school
teaching. He was successful teacher and a large portion of his latter years
was devoted to that porfession. He died August 11, 1854 in his 74th year.

[page 03]

His wife died in 1867 at the age of 76. Both were BabtistS.

To them were born six children: Elizabeth J. born 1814; William, born
1812, died 1819; James A. & Susan G. (twins) born 1817; Robert I, born 1822,
John C. born 1831.

In 18881 [1881], according to Robert I. Devin's letter, "all are dead except
Elizabeth, Robert, and John." Last address given by Robert I, who is a
Babtist minister was Youngs Road, Grandville County, North Carolina.

CLAYTON DEVIN ----- Clayton, the seventh child and third son of William
and Martha Devin, was born in Pittsylvania county, Virginia, July 11, 1793.
in 1819, he married Margaret West. Margaret West was born Nov. 24, 1803.
No record is given of Clayton Devin?s death but his wife died at the home of
Louisa Hughes in Dunnegan, Mo.

To Clayton and Margaret Devin were born thirteen children: Martha Mitchel
born Mar. 12, 1822, married Wm. Hayden; William Mú& James (twins) born Feb.
26, 1823, James died at birth, William married Julia Gunn; Clayton Smith
born Dec. 22, 1825, married Nancy R. Williams Apr. 9, 1849; Anna Sanders
born Jan. 26, 1827, married R.C. Wilson; Sarah Jane born Oct. 14, 1829,
married Thos. McCole Mar. 10, 1859 and Hiram Thompson Nov. 25, 1863; Mary
Elizabeth born Apr. 30, 1831 married Enos Pickering; Joseph Benton born
Aug. 27, 1835 married Elvira Pickel Feb. 7, 1859; Margaret Adeline born Mar.
17, 1837; Ratton Mack born Feb. 10, 1839; Alfred Harrison born Sept. 30,
1840, married Mary Agnes Campbell Jan 29, 1860, died Jan 27, 1914; Massa
Louisa born Feb. 23, 1844, married Albert Benton Hughes; Parthenia Tennessee
born Mar. 7, 1846, married L. W. Frieze Dec. 16, 1866, died Dec. 4, 1901.

CLAYT0N SMITH DEVIN ---- Clayton Smith, was the fourth child and the third
son of Clayton and Margaret West Devin and was born in Lincoln County, Tenn.
Dec. 22, 1825. Clayton Smith Devin married Nancy Rebecca Williams, daughter
of Elijah and Mati1da Williams, Apr. 9. 1849,

To this union were born seven children: Margaret Matilda born .Tan. 9, 1850
Elijah Clayton born Mar. 3, 1852; Franklin Pierce born Sept 4, 1854; Martha
Aneliza born .June 7, 1858; Thomas Joseph born Oct. 6, 1861; Sarah Melinda
Tenessee and Leota Rebecca Devin (twins) were born August 20, 1868.

ELIJAH CLAYTON DEVIN ---- Elijah Clayton, the seond child and the first
son of Clayton Smith Devin and wife, was born Mar. 3, 1852. He was a greatú
musican. He married Cathrine Eaton, in 1874 near Fair Play, Mo. They lived
on part of his father's farm for some time and taught music. He and his wife
joined the Cumberland Presbyterian church at Barn Creek, where theywere very
attentive members.

E. C. Devin was elected county judge in 1918, and moved to Bolivar, Mo.
where they are now living.

FRANKLIN PIERCE DEVIN ----- Franklin Pierce, third child and second son of
Clayton Smith Devin, was born at Bolivar, Mo. He married Orlena P. Thompson
Jan. 4, l874. They moved to Neosha county, Kansas in l875 and lived on a
farm. They moved to Dunnegan Springs, Mo., in 1884 and bought a stock of hard
ware goods, moved the stock to Cross Timbers in 1893 and then sold out and
bought stock of goods in Cherokee, Oklahoma in 1906. In 1919, he sold his
hardware stock but continued in the automobile business.

E. P. Devin and his wife joined the Baptist Church at Dunnegan Springs.
They had three children: E. T. Devin born Dec. 28, l874; T.L. Born Apr. 26
1877; J. C. born April 2, 1880.

E. T. Devin, first son of Frank P. Devin, was born Dec. 28, 1874. He

[page 04]

married Yuba Pickett. They joined the Baptist church. He is cashier of
the Cleo State Bank in Cleo, Oklahoma. They have three children: Mary S.
Francis F., and Virginia Lee.

T. L. Devin, second son of Frank P. Devin, was born April 26, 1877. He
married Addie Dockerson at Cross Timbers, Mo., July 14, 1901. He associated
with his father in the hardware business until about l908 when he moved to
Tulia, Texas, where he is now operating a ranch. They have a family of six
boys and three girls.

J. C. Devin, the third son of Frank P. Devin, was born April 2, 1880. He
married Louisa Newman of Wheatland, Mo., Jan 25, 1905. He studied dentistry
and located at Fair Play, Mo., after practicing there for a few years moved
to Cherokee, Okla., where he has an eviable practice. They have no children.

THOMAS J. DEVIN --- Thomas J., the fifth child and third son of Clayton
Smith Devin was born Oct. 6, 1861, near Bolivar, Mo. He married Mattie
McKnight of Bolivar. They lived on a farm near Bolivar a few years and then
moved to Winter, California where they lived on a fruit ranch for many years.

Mattie KcKnight Devin died --------------- In ----------- Thomas J. Devin
married Vivian------------?

To Thomas J and Mattie M. Devin were born the following children: Cora;
Nancy Addie born -------- married Perce Tabor ---------;

Thomas J. Devin is now living with his daughter, Addie Tabor in Berkley,
California. Address 1351 Sacramento street.

SARAH JANE DEVIN ---- Sarah Jane, the sixth child and third daughter of
Clayton and Margaret West Devin, was born Oct. 14, 1828. Sarah Jane Devin
married Thomas McCole, March 10, 1859. On Jan. 21 she married Hiram

Two children were born: George Washington, born Feb. ,14, 1864; Hiram
Alexander born Feb. 20, 1866.

Geo. Washington Thompson married Minnie S. Johnson April 13, 1884. Feb.
5, 1895 he married Barbara Annie Napier. To them were born: Albert Edgar
born Dec. 14, 1895, died Mar. 4, 1913; Pearl May, born Sept 12, 1897, mar?
ried Delbert H. Jackson Apr. 23, 1918;
Nellie Jane born Aug. 2, 1899, married John L. Jackson, July 23, 1918.
James Earl born Feb. 17,1901, died June 11, 1913;-Lena Leona born Jan. 7,
1903; Ethel born Oct. 1, 1905; Geo. Washington, Jr. born Mar. 8, 1908;
William Ellis, born Sept. 23, and died Sept. 24, 1912.

JOSEPH BENTON DEVIN --- Joseph Benton, eighth child and fourth son of
Clayton Devin, was born Aug. 27, 1835 and married Elvira Pickel Feb. 7, 1859.
Elvira Pickel was the daughter of Chris and Catherine Pickel. Joseph united
with the Cumberland Presbyterian church at Barn Creek, Bolivar, Missouri.

Joseph Benton Devin was a soldier in the civil war and afterwards engaged
in stock raising and farming. In 1884, he and several of his sons and
daughters moved to Oregon settling in Morrow county, then Umatilla county,
where he engaged in sheep raising. Elvira died Jan. 30, 1882.

To Joseph and Elvira Devin were born twelve children: Nathaniel Madison
born Apr. 8, 1860, married Eliza J. Holmes June 30, 1880, Died 1933; Mifflin
Jay, born Oct. 5, 1861, married Saran E. Hurt Dec. 9, 1880; Cathrine Florence
born June 4, 1863, married Isaac Frasier June 13, 1883 and Walter E Howe
Oct. 3, 1886, died about 1934; Margaret Delila born May 15, 1865, married
D. Oliver Justus July 30, 1882; Smith Pickel, born July 11, 1867, married
Sylva Shane, May 16, 1900, died 1937; Irena Isabell born Mar. 3, 1869.

[page 5]

married William E. Straight Jan 22, 1887; Elvira Argussa born May 7, 1872.
married Jerry Young Feb. 1887, died 1910,; Infant daughter born Aug. 1, 1874
died Aug. 2, 1874; Letha May born Jan 21, 1876 died Aug. 2, 1874; Infant
daughter born Mar. 14, 1877, died Mar. 14, 1877; Joseph Charley born Oct 1,
1878, married Maude S. Chriswell, July 1, 1912; Eunice Ursula born Jan 31,
1882, died Sept, l882.

Joseph Benton Devin married Miss Bell Wall in autumn of 1882. Moved to
Oregon in 1884.

To this union were born Stella Ophelia Nov. 6, 1884 and James Benton
Sept. 1886.

Nathaniel Madison Devin, first child and son of Joseph Benton and Elvira
Devin, was born April 8, 1860, in Bolivar, MO., He married Eliza Jane Holmes,
June 3, 1880, came to Wallowa Co., l890. For a long time they made their
home in Flora, Oregon where they had a fine home. Both were members of the
Methodist church. Nathaniel Madison Devin died at the home of his son,
Eugene in April 3, 1933. His wife precede him many years before, July 26,

Four chi1dren were born to this union: Bertha Leota born Nov. 24, 1881,
married W. L. Evans Oct. 25, 1899; Eugene Adolpha born Mar. 2, 1884, married
Eu1ah Matthew Feb. 19, 1905; Odna born Dec. 7, 1889, died in childhood, June
15, 1892; Ira Holmes born July 19, 1894 married Oleta Hansen July, 9, 1917.

Miffin Jay Devin, secon child and son of Joseph B. and Elvira Devin, was
born Oct. 5, 1861. He married Sarah Elizabeth Hurt, daughter of John M. and
Nancy Davis Hurt, in Polk County, Missouri, Dec. 9, 1880. M. J. Devin was
engaged in farming near Bolivar, Mo., and upon moving to Oregon in the spring
of 1884, resumed this occupation in which he was very successful. He also
engaged extensively in stock raising, both cattle and sheep. He united with
the Baptist church in 1888.

To Mifflin jay and Sarah E. Devin were born seven children: Oliver Austin

born Nov. 12, 1881, married Estella McRoberts 1935, Nancy V'Ella born Nov. 27,
1882, married J. Clair Walton Dec. 30, 1906; Letha Ester born Feb. 26, 1884,
married Mark S. Smith December 31, 1902; Ora May born June 9, 1890, married
Ernest K. Wyland, June 19, 1910; Tena Lavina born May 12, 1892, married
Oral M. Scott June 7, 1914; Altha Eva born Apr. 5, 1897 married Merle N.Kirk
Sept 29, 1916, Dessa Elvira born Nov. 24, 1901, married Walter H. Hofstetter
July 8, 1928.

Catherine Florence Devin, third child and first daughter of Joseph Benton
and Elvira Devin, was born near Bolivar, Mo., June 24, 1865. United with the
Baptist church, Oct. 26, 1885 at Union Grove, Mo. Married to Isaac Frasier
June 13, 1880. To this union were born one child: Melvin Oscar, June 17,
1884, married ????????????????

Catherine F. Devin Frazier was married to Walter Howe, Oct. 13, 1886 and
to this union were born six children: Claudia Bell, born July 14, 1887,
married Fank1in G. Schreiber Oct. 1907; Bur1in .Benton born Sept. 3, 1888,
died May 12, 1893, Jessie Elizabeth born Mar. 17, 1890 married Wm. Henry
Clark, May 19, 1909; Leonidos Polk born Apr. 26, 1892 married Stella Holmes
Sept 15, 1915, John Alford born Nov. 18, 1893, died May 14, 1894; Irena
Elvira born Mar. 6, 1896 married Frank Thomas Maddox Sept. 24, 1919.

Margaret Delila Devin, fourth child and second daughter of Joseph Benton
and Elvira Devin, was born May 15, 1865, in Polk county Mo. Married D. O.
Justus, July 30, 1882, near Bolivar, Mo. To this union were born three children:
Infant daughter born Jan. 20, 1884, died Jan. 21, 1884. Nelson H. born
May 15, 1885, married Naomi Brown July 11, 1916, Ralph R. born July 8, 1897,
married Hilda Hi1deson Feb. 17, 1920.

[page 6]

Irena Isabell Devin, sixth child and third daughter of Joseph B. and
Elvira Devin, was born Mar. 3, 1869, in Polk county, Mo. In 1884, she ac?
companied the family to Oregon and was married in Heppner, Oregon, to
William E. Straight, June 22, 1887. To them were born: Amy Delila Mar. 31
1888 married Emery Crawford Feb. 16, 1906; Ola Lurena Mar. 23, 1892, and
married Jeff McFerrin Nov. 16, 1918; Waldon Rhea born July 14, 1897;
Shirley T. born Mar. 1, 1902.

Elvira Argussa Devin, seventh child and fourth daughter of Joseph B.
and Elvira Devin, was born May 7, 1872, near Bolivar, Mo., in Polk county.
She came west in 1884, with the family and resumed her studies in the Hep?
pner schools. In 1887 she married Jerry Young at Caldwell, Idaho. Died
May 6, 1910. Three children were born to them; Bessie born Feb. 18, 1888,
married Eugene Thomas Sept. 28; 1909; Cris born May 15, 1889, married Nora
James Nov. 6, 1913, Clara born June 28, l894, married Frank McNeil May 10,

Joseph Charley Devin, eleventh child and fourth son of Joseph B. and
Elvira Devin, was born Oct. 1, 1878 in Polk county, Mo., near Bolivar. In
1884, he came west with the family and attended school near Heppner, Oregon.
Married Maude S. Chriswell, June 1, 1902. He engaged in farming south of
Ione, later selling and moving to Hood River. At the present time he is
locating in Corvallis, Oregon, where he is Chief of Police. (1937)

To Joseph Charley and Maude Criswell Devin were born four children two
of whom died in infancy: Keltsie Kistner born July 28, 1903, and married
Zella Irene born Nov. 19, 1905 and married ???????????

PARTHENIA TENNESSEE DEVIN ---- the thirteenth child and seventh daughter of
Clayton Devin and his wife Margaret West, was born Mar.7, 1845, and died
December 3, 1901. She married Leander W. Frieze, Dec. 16, 1866, in Polk
county, Mo. Her husband Leander was born in Mo., Nov. 24, 1844. To them
were born six children: Parthenia Jane born June 27, 1870 married Perry E.
Swearingen, Nov. 23, 1890: Margaret Elizabeth born Feb. 21, 1869, died Sept.
7, 1871: Louisa Adeline born Feb. 24, 1874, married John W. Anderson Mar.
14, 1900: Alfred Smith born Aug. 18, 1878 married Nellie A Peasley July 1
1903: Wesley Marcillus born Aug. 31, 1876 died Sept. 6, 1876: Benton Woodford
born Aug. 31, 1881, married Mattie G. Palmer, Jan 26, 1908.

Parthenia Jane Frieze, second child and second daughter of Parthenia T.
Devin Frieze, was born June 27, 1879. Married Perry Edwin Swearingen, Nov
23, 1890 at Drain, Oregon. To them were born nine children: Fred Otis,
born May 18, 1892 married Flora E. Hudson Nov. 2, 1915: Dale Melvin born
Feb. 16, 1894; Fictor Edward Born Feb. 8, 1897 died Nov. 2, 1916; Clyde
born Apr. 19, 1899 married Luoy A. Cary Sept. 25, 1915; Alva Lee born Aug.
20, 1901 married Violet w. Wilkinson Dec. 24, 1920; Perry Jackson born
Mar. 29, 1903; Chester Maxwell born Dec. 12, 1905; Adelia Jan born Dec. 12
1907; Charles Benton born May 23, 1910.

Louisa Adeline Frieze, third child and third daughter of Parthenia Devin
and L. W. Frieze, was born Feb. 24, 1866. Married John W. Anderson at
Fossil, Oregon, March l4, 1900. Present address: Condon, Oregon. To this
union were born John Benton Jan. 29, 1901 and died Feb. 3, 1903.

Alfred 8mith Frieze, fourth child and first son of Parthenia Devin Frieze
and L. W. Frieze, was born Aug. 18, 1878. Married Nellie Alma Peasley at

[page 7]

Drain, Oregon, July 1, 1903. Present address Fossil Oregon. To them were
born Ivan Alonzo Jan. 28, 1908, Francis Vernon Nov. 28, 1909, Howard Silvie
March 4, 1911 and Wilma Ruth Mar. 22, 1914.

Benton Woodford Frieze, fifth child and second son of Parthenia Devin and
L. W. Frieze, was born Aug. 31, 1881. Married Miss Mattie Grace Palmer of
Lexington, Oregon, Jan. 26, 1908. Present address Drain Oregon. To this
union were born four children: Sidney Woodford born May 7, 1911; Ivan Wilson
born July 8, 1915; Lawrence Alfred born Mar. 29, 1919.

ALFRED HARRISON DEVIN, youngest son of Clayton and Margaret West Devin,
was born Sept. 29, 1840, He married Mary Agnes Campbell Jan. 29, 1861. To
this union were born five children: Margaret Parthenia, born Jan. 2, 1862;
Glaves Alezander, born July 7, 1864; Columbus Sanders, born Feb. 14, 1867,
died Dec. 15, 1892; Sarah Agnes, born Sept 2, 1868; Minerva Elizabeth born
Dec. 22, 1870.

Alfred Harrison was born in Polk county Mo. He received a good education
by the help of his mother. During the Civil War he enlisted in the Federal
Army but was disabled by being run over by a wagon load of ammunition and was
sent back to his home in Polk oounty to teach school. Upon the termination
of the war he received an honorable discharge from the army.

Alfred Harrison, upon his return to private life, engaged in farming and
during spare time hleped to assess Polk county twenty times as deputy assessor.
In later life he engaged in mercantile business in Dunnegan, Mo., where
he was fondly known by every one as "unc1e Harrison". He served a four year
term as postmaster at that place and lived there until his death Jan. 27, 1914.

Alfred Harrison, his wife and eldest daughter, united with the Spring
Creek Cumberland Presbyterian church at Dunnegan, Mo., in the year 1880.
Soon after uniting with the church he was chosen as elder and held that
position until his death. He always took and active interest in church and
educational work.

Mary Agnes Campbell, daughter of Matthew and Sarah Campbell and wife of
Alfred H. Devin, was born April 22, 1844 in Polk County, Mo., and died at
Lostine, Oregon, Sept 12, 1926.

To this union were born five children: Margaret Parthenia, born Jan. 2
1862, married G. P. Holmes Dec. 17, 1882, died May 2, 1926; Glaves Alezander
born July 7, 1864, married Lucy Brown May 12, 1884, died Dec. 28, 1915;
Columbus Sanders born Feb. 14, 1867, died Dec. 15, 1892; Sarah Agnes born
Sept 2, 1868 married J. W. Ayres Dec. 30, 1890; Minerva Elizabeth born Dec.
22,1870 married H. M. Hammons Feb. 7, 1897.

Margaret Parthenia Devin, first child and first daughter of Alfred H. and
Mary A. Devin was born Jan. 2, 1862, near Dunnegan Springs, Mo. She was
married to Govenor P. Holmes, fourth son of Luke P. and Eliza L Holmes, Dec.
17, 1882. To this union were born five children: Alfred Harrison, Aug. 8,
1884; Eliza Leota, Oct. 10, 1886, died Mar. 22, 1933, Govenor Prier, Nov. 18,
1888; Edna Parthenia, Nov. 24, 1890; Andrew Mar. 16, 1894, died Sept. 7, 1894.

When Margaret was about 18 years of age she united with the Spring Creek
Cumberland Presbyterian church, at Dunnegan Springs, Mo., and was a member
of that church until the fall of 1896 when she withdrew her membership as
she and her family were leaving the county, (Polk). She moved from near
Dunnegan Springs, Polk county, Mo., into Taney County, Mo., and lived there
three years. Deciding this was not the best invironment for her children
she and husband moved from here to Dade oounty, Mo., near Greenfield. While
living here she united with the Cumberland Presbyterian church in Greenfield
and held her membership there until the year 1907 when she moved west and so
withdrew her membership from this church. There being no C,P. church near
her new location she never united with any church thereafter.

Being ,the eldest child, Margaret did not have much of an opportunity to

[page 08]

attend school, therefore her education was limited as she was kept out of
school to help her mother with the work at home. After her marriage she,
being desirious of an education, spent all the time she had to spare from
caring for her family and home, in study and reading and was a self educated
woman and an excellent singer. She was well versed in the Bible.

In 1907, Margaret and family, moved to Wallowa county; Oregon, near Flora
and lived there eleven years. In the spring of 1919 moved near Lostine,
Wallowa county, Oregon where her husband and sons purchased some land and
there she made her home until her death May 2, 1926. She spent the last few
months of her life caring for her aged mother who had lived with her only a
short time.

Alfred Harrison Holmes, first child and first son of Margaret P. and
Govenor P. Holmes, was born Aug. 8, l884. When a young man he followed the
teaching profession. Later decided farming and stock raising more profitable
he, with his father and brother formed a partnership and have since made cattle
and hog raising a specialty. Present address Lostine, Oregon.

Eliza Leota Ho1mes, second child and first daughter of Margaret P. and
Govenor P. Holmes, was born Oct. 10, 1886. She received her education in
the schools of Missouri and Oregon. She was in the teaching profession a
number of years, retiring from this profession she assumed the duties as
bookkeeper in a general merchandise store and was employed there a number of
years. But yielding to the wishes of her friends and to the people of
Wallowa county in which she resided she again began teaching school. She
was a very successful teacher and the remaining years of her life was devoted
to this profession. She died March 22, 1933. Unmarried.

Eliza Leota united with the Cumberland Presbyterian church in Greenfield,
Mo., and held her membership in that church until 1907, 'When she withdrew
from the roll. She came west with her father and mother in the fa11 of 1907
and never united with any church thereafter.

Govenor Prier Holmes, Jr., third child and second son of Margaret P. and
Govenor P. Holmes, was born Nov. 18, 1888. When a young man he engaged in
farming and stockraising. Later he with his father and brother, formed a
partnership and have since made cattle and hog raising a speciality.
Present address Lostine, Oregon.

Edna Parthenia, fourth child and second daughter of Margaret P. and
Govenor P. Holmes, was born Nov., 24, 1890. She followed the teaching profession
a number of years. Present address Lostine, Oregon.

Andrew, fifth child and third son of Margaret P. and Govenor P. Holmes
was born March 16, 1894. Died Sept 7, 1894.

GLAVES ALEXANDER DEVIN -- was born July 7, 1864, married Lucy Brown May
12, 1884. To this union were born -- Cora Mabel Apr. 7, 1885, married Chas
B. Hammons 1902, died July 10, 1905; Mary Eliza born Mar. 20, 1886, married
Geo. W. Ward 1902; James H. born Jan 19, l897 married Melvina Akins July 2
1915 died July 7, 1929, Glaves A Devin died Dec. 28, 1915.

Cora Mabel Devin Hammons was born Apr. 7, 1885, married Chas. B. Hammons
1902, died July 10, 1905. To this union were born Chas D. Aug. 1903

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married Martha Pearlee Ables Jan. 24, 1923; Eunice May Aug. 30, 1904. married
Raymond Hudson, July 8, 1923, died Sept. 4, 1923; Virgil L. born July 9, 1905
died Sept 10, 1905.

Chas. D. Hammons was born Aug. 10, 1903 married Martha P. Ables Jan. 24,
1923, to this union were born: Margaret Mabel, Nov. 6, 1923, Maurice Bernard
May 31, 1926; Mary Louise Jan 26, 1929; Charles Robert Sept. 8, 1931; John
Myron Sept. 4, 1935

Mary Eliza Devin Ward was born Mar. 20, 1886 married George W. Ward
1902 to this union were born Audra Lena Oct. 27, 1903 married Ira Barber;
Willa Mabel Jan 12, 1905, married Byron Morgan; Lannie Devin Dec. 26, 1907
married Avera1 Ibach; Glaves Alexander Aug. 30, 1910, married Anna ????????
Monto Clarrissa Nov. 22, 1912, married Lee Montgomery; Lucy Lee Feb. 8, 1915
married Carlos Mayse.

Audra Lena Ward Barber one child was born Ward Edward Barber Jan. 5, 1923

Willa Mabel Ward Morgan one child born May 25, 1928, Byron Kent.

Lannie Devin Ward one child was born Nov. 26, 1935 Janet Juanita.

James Harrison Devin was born Jan 19, 1897, married Melvina Akins July 2
1915, died July 7, 1929. To this union were born Bron Oral Oct. 7, 1917
married Dorothy Bolander Nov. 28, 1936; Bruce Byron Feb. 10, 1920,
married Mabel Irene July 31, 1922.

Columbus Sanders Devin the second son and third child of Alfred H. Devin
and Mary A. Devin was born Feb. 14, 1967 [1867] and died Dec. 15, 1893, of typhoid
fever. He was unmarried and a fine young man.

Sarah Agnes Devin Ayres was born Sept 2, 1968 [1868]. She married John Wesley
Ayres Dec. 30, 1890. To this union were born four children: Annie Golden,
born Jan. 8, 1892, died March 13, 1892 of bronchial penumnonia; Alfred Marion,
born Nov. 29, 1893; Elmer Lester born Dec. 26, 1897, died Nov. 15, 1918 of
typhoid fever; Leland Wesley born Oct. 16, 1900.

Alfred Marion Ayres married Esther Browning Nov. 7, 1936. She is a fine
woman of excellent musical ability. Their home is at 433 South Main street
Springfield, Mo. Alfred has held the position of Manager of the Williams
Lumber Company the past eighteen years. He is a very capable and a young
man of excellent lorals

Leland Wesley Ayres married Frankie McCarty on Oct. 15, 1927. His wife
was killed in an automobile accident near Trenton, Mo., on Dec. 31, 1931.
He is a fine young man and is in the employ of the Williams Lumber Company.
He makes his home with his father and mother at 1706 South Campbell street,
Springfield, Mo.

Minerva Elizabeth Devin was born Dec. 22, 1870 at Dunnegan, Mo., and
married Harlan M. Hammons Feb. 7, 1897. To this union were born three
children: Melvin Devin Hammons, born Nov. 26, 1897; Willard Clayton born
Sept 19, 1901, died Nov. 5, 1901; Agnes Lee, born Oct 7, 1903. Her husband
was drowned on July 24, 1912 and she has resided at Dunnegan, Mo., all
her life. She is a member of the Spring Creek Cumberland Presbyterian
church at that place and seldom misses a service. During the past years

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she has been compelled to give up some of her active work. However, she is
found each day at the post office where she helps her son and keeps him
company in his work.

Melvin Devin Hammons married Helen O. Light-foot, a school teacher, of
Bolivar, Mo., on April 12, 1922. To this union were born three children:
Harry Robert, born May 18, 1923; Eugene Frances, born Dec. 31, 1926, died
June 30, 1932; Alfred Harrison, born Jan. 7, l938.

Melvin D. Hammons has held the position of Post Master at Dunnegan, Mo.
since 1923. He also owns stores at Bolivar, Mo., Dunnegan, Mo., and
Humansville, Mo. He and his wife are very active in business and church
work. Their son "Bobby" is a sophmore in the Fair Play, Mo., high school.
He has received several rewards for attendance at the Spring Creek Cumberland
Presbyterian Church Sunday School for the past three years without an
absence any Sunday during that time.

Agnes Lee Hammons married William H. Roberts of Humansville, Mo., on
June 3, 1931 and to this union were born two children: William H. Jr., born
April 18, 1933; Lee Melvin, born Feb. 20, 1932. She received a Bachelor
of Science Degree from Southwest Teachers College and a Masters of Arts
degree from the University of Mo. She taught school several years before
her marriage and has held a position in Southwest Baptist College the past
four years (1937). Her husband is a prominent live stock dealer of Polk
county and owns and operates the Chevrolet Agency at Bolivar, Mo., where
they reside.

Owner/SourceDavid D.
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