News: Looking for females who are in the pure female lines (mother to daughter) from William and Sarah who are willing to do an mtDNA test. Such a person would be descended along an all female line from Mary DEVIN Biggers or Margaret DEVIN Reynolds. The hope is to identify the markers for Sarah SMITH Devin to help identify her parents. Contact the webmaster if interested.

Devin descendant, Stanley Wayne Devin, passed away at 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2014. He was the last living child of Ira & Oleta Devin.
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Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aaron, Volney  26 Sep 1839Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7029 Devin Timber 
2 Adkins, Anderson  05 Aug 1806Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3865 Devin Timber 
3 Adkins, Caleb  22 Nov 1848Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7963 Devin Timber 
4 Adkins, Mary Elizabeth "Betsy"  27 Mar 1834Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I5482 Devin Timber 
5 Adkins, Susan  c 1785Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I11950 Devin Timber 
6 Austin, James R.  Abt 1808Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3980 Devin Timber 
7 Beck, Allie Augusta  21 Sep 1877Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12997 Devin Timber 
8 Beck, Ernest Willis  26 Feb 1883Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12999 Devin Timber 
9 Beck, John David  6 Apr 1888Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I13001 Devin Timber 
10 Beck, Willis J.  9 Aug 1875Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12996 Devin Timber 
11 Blair, Elizabeth Elvira "Betsy"  25 Jan 1818Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4043 Devin Timber 
12 Carter, Susanna  26 Jul 1804Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4055 Devin Timber 
13 Casey, Ardenia Frances  03 May 1848Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4074 Devin Timber 
14 Cooper, Henry Armistead  17 Aug 1869Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4084 Devin Timber 
15 Cox, Mary Hankins  Abt 1807Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3941 Devin Timber 
16 Devin, Bethsheba  30 Mar 1796Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0046 Devin Timber 
17 Devin, Clayton  11 Jul 1793Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0037 Devin Timber 
18 Devin, Edwin  21 Mar 1895Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I6290 Devin Timber 
19 Devin, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1790Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7618 Devin Timber 
20 Devin, Elizabeth Peyton  Abt 1797Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2981 Devin Timber 
21 Devin, James  09 Jun 1794Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I1167 Devin Timber 
22 Devin, James Alexander Sr.  07 Aug 1867Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2984 Devin Timber 
23 Devin, John  12 Sep 1793Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2976 Devin Timber 
24 Devin, Lucy  06 May 1793Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I1166 Devin Timber 
25 Devin, Margaret  04 Apr 1794Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2979 Devin Timber 
26 Devin, Susan Nowlin  22 Sep 1796Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I1168 Devin Timber 
27 Devin, William Bryan Ward  Abt 1789Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2980 Devin Timber 
28 Devin, William Robert  3 Aug 1800Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0047 Devin Timber 
29 Devin, William Robert  22 Nov 1861Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2982 Devin Timber 
30 Echols, James  Abt 1844Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2996 Devin Timber 
31 Echols, Richard  Abt 1849Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2998 Devin Timber 
32 Echols, William  Abt 1846Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I2997 Devin Timber 
33 Emmerson, Elizabeth  1817Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12766 Devin Timber 
34 Emmerson, Martha  1843Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12788 Devin Timber 
35 Finney, Mabel Alice  26 Apr 1922Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7772 Devin Timber 
36 Fuller, Arthur  26 Dec 1803Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7027 Devin Timber 
37 Holley, Homer Cephus  26 Aug 1920Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7483 Devin Timber 
38 Holley, Lois Mae  03 Dec 1933Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7713 Devin Timber 
39 Jefferson, John Jr.  c 1805Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12333 Devin Timber 
40 Jefferson, Martha Jane  Between 1821-1824Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12389 Devin Timber 
41 Jefferson, Mary Roxana  1858Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I12403 Devin Timber 
42 Kendrick, Christopher  Abt 1847Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4068 Devin Timber 
43 Kendrick, Elisha  1857Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4072 Devin Timber 
44 Kendrick, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4049 Devin Timber 
45 Kendrick, Eugenia  1878Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4083 Devin Timber 
46 Kendrick, Green W.  Abt 1845Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4067 Devin Timber 
47 Kendrick, John Saunders  Abt 1841Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4065 Devin Timber 
48 Kendrick, Louisa  Abt 1856Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4071 Devin Timber 
49 Kendrick, Louisa H.  16 Jun 1820Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4052 Devin Timber 
50 Kendrick, Malissa A.  Abt 1852Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4070 Devin Timber 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hannah  Abt Oct 1797Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3959 Devin Timber 
2 Aaron, Volney  23 Apr 1861Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7029 Devin Timber 
3 Adkins, Anderson  01 Mar 1876Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3865 Devin Timber 
4 Adkins, Henry  4 Aug 1875Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I8061 Devin Timber 
5 Adkins, Owen Sanford  15 May 1885Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4062 Devin Timber 
6 Adkins, Susan  Bef 9 Oct 1851Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I11950 Devin Timber 
7 Blair, Elizabeth Elvira "Betsy"  13 Sep 1891Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4043 Devin Timber 
8 Carter, Susanna  24 Apr 1847Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4055 Devin Timber 
9 Casey, Ardenia Frances  06 Mar 1935Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4074 Devin Timber 
10 Devin, Joseph  26 May 1804Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0053 Devin Timber 
11 Devin, Margaret  Abt 1798Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0056 Devin Timber 
12 Devin, Robert  10 Apr 1834Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0052 Devin Timber 
13 Devin, Sarah  Bef 16 Oct 1848Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0055 Devin Timber 
14 Devin, William Sr.  Bef 19 Apr 1802Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0048 Devin Timber 
15 Fuller, Arthur  1883Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7027 Devin Timber 
16 Hankins, Daniel  Abt Oct 1797Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3958 Devin Timber 
17 Kendrick, Green W.  15 Apr 1908Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4067 Devin Timber 
18 Kendrick, John Hawkins  1851Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4044 Devin Timber 
19 Kendrick, Louisa  04 Mar 1860Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4071 Devin Timber 
20 Kendrick, Louisa H.  20 Jun 1882Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4052 Devin Timber 
21 Kendrick, MiCager  14 Aug 1954Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4073 Devin Timber 
22 Kendrick, Nellie Edwards  03 Feb 1963Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4077 Devin Timber 
23 Nowlin, Bryan Ward  1810Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0661 Devin Timber 
24 Oakes, Marie  02 Jun 1924Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I11917 Devin Timber 
25 Parrish, Nancy  11 Apr 1858Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I1920 Devin Timber 
26 Reynolds, Allen Gilmer  06 Jul 1887Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4026 Devin Timber 
27 Reynolds, Charles Thomas  Aft 15 Jun 1857Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4024 Devin Timber 
28 Reynolds, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1826Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4023 Devin Timber 
29 Reynolds, Elizabeth  1833Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3026 Devin Timber 
30 Reynolds, Hugh  1832Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3021 Devin Timber 
31 Reynolds, James Allen  26 Oct 1938Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4078 Devin Timber 
32 Reynolds, John Devin  18 Mar 1831Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3022 Devin Timber 
33 Reynolds, John Philpott  1854Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4021 Devin Timber 
34 Reynolds, Joseph  Abt 1840Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I1923 Devin Timber 
35 Reynolds, Julia F.  07 Sep 1921Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I7526 Devin Timber 
36 Reynolds, Mary S. "Polly"  04 Apr 1833Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3025 Devin Timber 
37 Reynolds, Nancy Booker  16 Aug 1894Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3866 Devin Timber 
38 Reynolds, Robert Devin  Bef Feb 1844Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3028 Devin Timber 
39 Reynolds, Serena Elizabeth  26 Mar 1853Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4018 Devin Timber 
40 Reynolds, William  27 Jan 1816Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3024 Devin Timber 
41 Reynolds, William Barton Sr.  20 May 1890Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4029 Devin Timber 
42 Reynolds, William Garrett "Will"  28 Jan 1868Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4022 Devin Timber 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blair, Elizabeth Elvira "Betsy"  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4043 Devin Timber 
2 Casey, Ardenia Frances  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4074 Devin Timber 
3 Devin, Margaret  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I0056 Devin Timber 
4 Kendrick, John Hawkins  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4044 Devin Timber 
5 Kendrick, Louisa  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4071 Devin Timber 
6 Kendrick, Nellie Edwards  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4077 Devin Timber 
7 Reynolds, Elizabeth  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3026 Devin Timber 
8 Reynolds, Hugh  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3021 Devin Timber 
9 Reynolds, Joseph  1840Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I1923 Devin Timber 
10 Reynolds, William  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I3024 Devin Timber 
11 Reynolds, William Barton Sr.  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4029 Devin Timber 
12 Reynolds, William Garrett "Will"  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. I4022 Devin Timber 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adkins / Kendrick  31 Dec 1891Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1503 Devin Timber 
2 Adkins / Reynolds  15 Jan 1861Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1913 Devin Timber 
3 Austin / Morton  27 Jul 1796Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1466 Devin Timber 
4 Beck / Devin  15 Jul 1811Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1112 Devin Timber 
5 Bennett / Nowlin  20 Dec 1790Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1483 Devin Timber 
6 Blair / Reynolds  26 Jul 1810Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1492 Devin Timber 
7 Cooper / Kendrick  Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1504 Devin Timber 
8 Cox / Hankins  04 Oct 1790Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0011 Devin Timber 
9 Dear / Devin  15 Dec 1817Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1122 Devin Timber 
10 Dear / Morton  14 Sep 1788Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1465 Devin Timber 
11 Devin / Cox  19.Feb.1811Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0010 Devin Timber 
12 Devin / Croff  02 Dec 1813Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1300 Devin Timber 
13 Devin / Hankins  21 Feb 1811Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0643 Devin Timber 
14 Devin / Hawkins  16 Feb 1811Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0737 Devin Timber 
15 Devin / Hundley  01 Oct 1859Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0943 Devin Timber 
16 Devin / Mitchell  07 Sep 1780Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0005 Devin Timber 
17 Devin / Nowlin  16 February 1789Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0342 Devin Timber 
18 Devin / Nowlin  10 Jul 1795Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0340 Devin Timber 
19 Devin / Nowlin  06 Nov 1823Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1131 Devin Timber 
20 Devin / Parrish  25 Jan 1791Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0601 Devin Timber 
21 Echols / Hurt  18 Aug 1837Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0939 Devin Timber 
22 Hurt / Devin  17 Sep 1810Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0628 Devin Timber 
23 Hurt / Echols  16 Jan 1837Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0937 Devin Timber 
24 Hutchison / Devin  05 Oct 1814Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F2628 Devin Timber 
25 Kendrick / Jefferson  27 Dec 1856Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1496 Devin Timber 
26 Kendrick / Reynolds  23 Oct 1817Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1493 Devin Timber 
27 Lumpkins / Reynolds  29 Jan 1874Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1509 Devin Timber 
28 McDearman / Hurt  22 Oct 1845Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0940 Devin Timber 
29 Mustain / Devin  16 Aug 1813Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1132 Devin Timber 
30 Nowlin / Hensley  06 Dec 1794Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F2136 Devin Timber 
31 Nowlin / Jones  09 Mar 1804Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F2137 Devin Timber 
32 Nowlin / Townsend  11 Mar 1792Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1471 Devin Timber 
33 Parrish / Devin  17 Jan 1811Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0961 Devin Timber 
34 Reynolds / Aaron  08 Oct 1918Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F3699 Devin Timber 
35 Reynolds / Adams  01 Jul 1950Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F3844 Devin Timber 
36 Reynolds / Adkins  09 Jun 1858Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F2142 Devin Timber 
37 Reynolds / Blair  25 Aug 1838Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1488 Devin Timber 
38 Reynolds / Carter  21 Feb 1820Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1498 Devin Timber 
39 Reynolds / Collins  21 Feb 1815Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1487 Devin Timber 
40 Reynolds / Devin  21 Aug 1780Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0603 Devin Timber 
41 Reynolds / Kendrick  19 Nov 1885Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1502 Devin Timber 
42 Reynolds / Mitchell  24 Sep 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1486 Devin Timber 
43 Reynolds / Smith  28 Dec 1920Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F2688 Devin Timber 
44 Reynolds / Wells  25 Dec 1885Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F2523 Devin Timber 
45 Scott / Hurt  28 Jan 1851Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0941 Devin Timber 
46 Tarpley / Hurt  01 Oct 1831Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F0938 Devin Timber 
47 Walker / Parrish  1799Pittsylvania County, Virginia U.S.A. F1518 Devin Timber