News: Looking for females who are in the pure female lines (mother to daughter) from William and Sarah who are willing to do an mtDNA test. Such a person would be descended along an all female line from Mary DEVIN Biggers or Margaret DEVIN Reynolds. The hope is to identify the markers for Sarah SMITH Devin to help identify her parents. Contact the webmaster if interested.

Devin descendant, Stanley Wayne Devin, passed away at 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2014. He was the last living child of Ira & Oleta Devin.
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Pittsylvania County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reynolds, Lizzie Rebecca  03 Dec 1894Pittsylvania County, Virginia I10283 Devin Timber 
2 Aaron, Abihu  23 Sep 1807Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7981 Devin Timber 
3 Aaron, Abraham  1795Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12870 Devin Timber 
4 Aaron, Albert F.  Abt 1851Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9213 Devin Timber 
5 Aaron, Ballard P.  1856Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9211 Devin Timber 
6 Aaron, Charles Clay  8 Feb 1875Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12877 Devin Timber 
7 Aaron, Edgar Clay Sr.  c 1900Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8833 Devin Timber 
8 Aaron, Edgar Clay  13 Jul 1922Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8835 Devin Timber 
9 Aaron, Elizabeth  Abt 1849Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9209 Devin Timber 
10 Aaron, Elizabeth "Betsy"  c 1780Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12752 Devin Timber 
11 Aaron, Estelle  11 Mar 1918Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8834 Devin Timber 
12 Aaron, Faulkner Houston  1844Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9207 Devin Timber 
13 Aaron, George  12 Nov 1820Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9216 Devin Timber 
14 Aaron, George Washington Jr.  1805Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12872 Devin Timber 
15 Aaron, George Washington  2 Nov 1828Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12875 Devin Timber 
16 Aaron, Henry Clay  1799Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12873 Devin Timber 
17 Aaron, Ida C.  Jun 1876Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12876 Devin Timber 
18 Aaron, Jacob H.  Oct 1862Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9212 Devin Timber 
19 Aaron, Jacob Horatio Jr.  1811Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9204 Devin Timber 
20 Aaron, John Burwell  Aft 1791Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9217 Devin Timber 
21 Aaron, Macybeth Harriet  Abt 1849Pittsylvania County, Virginia I68257 Devin Timber 
22 Aaron, Mary Ann  11 Nov 1831Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12867 Devin Timber 
23 Aaron, Matthew Lafayette Sr.  1889Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8024 Devin Timber 
24 Aaron, Ora Isabel  19 Jul 1900Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8029 Devin Timber 
25 Aaron, Sallie S.  Cal 1870Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9447 Devin Timber 
26 Aaron, Sally  1792Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9218 Devin Timber 
27 Aaron, Susan  Abt 1800Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9219 Devin Timber 
28 Aaron, Susannah  28 Mar 1779Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9228 Devin Timber 
29 Aaron, Terlitha Judith  29 Apr 1860Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7621 Devin Timber 
30 Aaron, Volney Beauregard  24 Sep 1861Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8019 Devin Timber 
31 Aaron, Wade  c1860Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12176 Devin Timber 
32 Adams, Millicent "Milley"  c 1790Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12685 Devin Timber 
33 Adkins, Boss Elwood  1879Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7854 Devin Timber 
34 Adkins, Charlie A.  31 Dec 1884Pittsylvania County, Virginia I11918 Devin Timber 
35 Adkins, Elizabeth M.  Jun 1823Pittsylvania County, Virginia I68018 Devin Timber 
36 Adkins, Ercie  19 Jun 1903Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7899 Devin Timber 
37 Adkins, Greenberry  11 Jan 1842Pittsylvania County, Virginia I68028 Devin Timber 
38 Adkins, Henry  Abt 1782Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8061 Devin Timber 
39 Adkins, Henry A.  23 Oct 1841Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7966 Devin Timber 
40 Adkins, Henry Gilmer "Toot"  11 Apr 1862Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7860 Devin Timber 
41 Adkins, Jackson  Pittsylvania County, Virginia I68020 Devin Timber 
42 Adkins, John Devin  20 Jan 1835Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7568 Devin Timber 
43 Adkins, John Thomas  1872Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7853 Devin Timber 
44 Adkins, John W.  ca 1850Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12077 Devin Timber 
45 Adkins, Joseph Hubert  1892Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7956 Devin Timber 
46 Adkins, Marcilene  14 May 1928Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12821 Devin Timber 
47 Adkins, Mary O.  17 Nov 1888Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7862 Devin Timber 
48 Adkins, Nancy Jane  c 1865Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12420 Devin Timber 
49 Adkins, Nannie Love  Feb 1886Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7642 Devin Timber 
50 Adkins, Owen Sanford  Nov 1785Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4062 Devin Timber 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reynolds, Lizzie Rebecca  10 Jan 1966Pittsylvania County, Virginia I10283 Devin Timber 
2 Aaron, Abraham  1818Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9220 Devin Timber 
3 Aaron, Ballard P.  Bef 1930Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9211 Devin Timber 
4 Aaron, Edgar Clay Sr.  09 Feb 1922Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8833 Devin Timber 
5 Aaron, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1885Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9209 Devin Timber 
6 Aaron, Faulkner Houston  1925Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9207 Devin Timber 
7 Aaron, George  Bef 1850Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9216 Devin Timber 
8 Aaron, Jacob Horatio Jr.  1868Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9204 Devin Timber 
9 Aaron, Macybeth Harriet  7 Jun 1885Pittsylvania County, Virginia I68257 Devin Timber 
10 Aaron, Matthew Lafayette Sr.  1962Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8024 Devin Timber 
11 Aaron, Ora Isabel  17 Mar 1990Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8029 Devin Timber 
12 Aaron, Sally  1856Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9218 Devin Timber 
13 Aaron, Terlitha Judith  10 Dec 1913Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7621 Devin Timber 
14 Aaron, Volney Beauregard  18 Jul 1913Pittsylvania County, Virginia I8019 Devin Timber 
15 Adkins, Boss Elwood  1945Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7854 Devin Timber 
16 Adkins, Charlie A.  25 Jun 1899Pittsylvania County, Virginia I11918 Devin Timber 
17 Adkins, Ercie  15 Sep 1946Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7899 Devin Timber 
18 Adkins, Henry Gilmer "Toot"  03 Feb 1940Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7860 Devin Timber 
19 Adkins, Jackson  c 1862Pittsylvania County, Virginia I68020 Devin Timber 
20 Adkins, John Thomas  1940Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7853 Devin Timber 
21 Adkins, Joseph Hubert  1960Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7956 Devin Timber 
22 Adkins, Marcilene  Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12821 Devin Timber 
23 Adkins, Mary O.  24 Nov 1942Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7862 Devin Timber 
24 Adkins, Ralph A.  16 Jun 1935Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7645 Devin Timber 
25 Adkins, Ralph G.  03 Jul 1914Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4395 Devin Timber 
26 Adkins, Rhodie N.E.  30 Mar 1884Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7851 Devin Timber 
27 Adkins, Unnamed Infant daughter  21Jul 1901Pittsylvania County, Virginia I11919 Devin Timber 
28 Adkins, Unnamed Infant Son  15 Jul 1902Pittsylvania County, Virginia I11920 Devin Timber 
29 Adkins, William  28 Oct 1848Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4063 Devin Timber 
30 Adkins, William Barton  12 Jul 1954Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7643 Devin Timber 
31 Adkins, William Henry  1932Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7852 Devin Timber 
32 Adkins, William Neal  18 Sep 1927Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7638 Devin Timber 
33 Allen, Doris  2002Pittsylvania County, Virginia I10227 Devin Timber 
34 Allen, James Richard  1965Pittsylvania County, Virginia I10225 Devin Timber 
35 Allen, Macie  2004Pittsylvania County, Virginia I10223 Devin Timber 
36 Arnn, George Washington Sr.  11 Jul 1855Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9229 Devin Timber 
37 Arnn, Isaac Sr.  Aug 1844Pittsylvania County, Virginia I12823 Devin Timber 
38 Austin, Lillie Ann  26 Feb 1970Pittsylvania County, Virginia I10515 Devin Timber 
39 Barbour, James William  18 Sep 1936Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7548 Devin Timber 
40 Barbour, Virginia Alice  20 Feb 1996Pittsylvania County, Virginia I9110 Devin Timber 
41 Barbour, Willie Myrtle  12 Dec 1899Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7543 Devin Timber 
42 Barker, Stephen  18 Dec 1815Pittsylvania County, Virginia I11046 Devin Timber 
43 Blair, James  28 May 1840Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4039 Devin Timber 
44 Blair, Joanna Amanda "Ann"  10 Mar 1863Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4037 Devin Timber 
45 Blair, Luther Rice  12 Jun 1918Pittsylvania County, Virginia I11314 Devin Timber 
46 Blair, Nancy  Abt 1858Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4032 Devin Timber 
47 Blair, Samuel Brittain Jr.  2 Jun 1911Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7491 Devin Timber 
48 Blair, William  19 Jan 1789Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7979 Devin Timber 
49 Blair, William Addison Young  1879Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4040 Devin Timber 
50 Brown, Sarah  15 Jul 1840Pittsylvania County, Virginia I11044 Devin Timber 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Collins, Matilda  Pittsylvania County, Virginia I7895 Devin Timber 
2 Kendrick, MiCager  Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4073 Devin Timber 
3 Reynolds, James Allen  Pittsylvania County, Virginia I4078 Devin Timber 
4 Reynolds, Mary S. "Polly"  Pittsylvania County, Virginia I3025 Devin Timber 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Dill  1772Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3016 Devin Timber 
2 / Mays  Bef 1892Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3840 Devin Timber 
3 / Mrs. Ephram Jackson  24 Dec 1822Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3932 Devin Timber 
4 / Napier  26 Jun 1850Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3748 Devin Timber 
5 / Seymore  1825Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3502 Devin Timber 
6 / Smith  07 Jan 1869Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3708 Devin Timber 
7 Aaron /   c 1755Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3015 Devin Timber 
8 Aaron /   1772Pittsylvania County, Virginia F4004 Devin Timber 
9 Aaron / Aaron  27 Nov 1894Pittsylvania County, Virginia F4009 Devin Timber 
10 Aaron / Blair  26 Oct 1829Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2706 Devin Timber 
11 Aaron / Fuller  17 Dec 1859Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3902 Devin Timber 
12 Aaron / Kearby  20 Dec 1790Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3014 Devin Timber 
13 Aaron / Latham  c 1815/20Pittsylvania County, Virginia F4010 Devin Timber 
14 Aaron / Marlowe  26 Jan 1888Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2840 Devin Timber 
15 Aaron / Mitchell  c 1840Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3013 Devin Timber 
16 Aaron / Slaydon  28 Nov 1867Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3083 Devin Timber 
17 Aaron / Woodall  12 Dec 1913Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3776 Devin Timber 
18 Adkins / Adkins  c 1910Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3982 Devin Timber 
19 Adkins / Hartman  Abt 1780Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3994 Devin Timber 
20 Adkins / Reynolds  10 Nov 1828Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2111 Devin Timber 
21 Adkins / Reynolds  04 Oct 1865Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2696 Devin Timber 
22 Adkins / Rossett  07 Oct 1799Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2718 Devin Timber 
23 Adkins / Wells  15 Jun 1915Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2730 Devin Timber 
24 Akers / Crowder  05 Aug 1949Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3311 Devin Timber 
25 Allen / Reynolds  Bef 1906Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3284 Devin Timber 
26 Amos / Reynolds  24 Dec 1918Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2994 Devin Timber 
27 Arnn / Blair  20 Nov 1837Pittsylvania County, Virginia F4002 Devin Timber 
28 Arnn / Walker  10 Dec 1797Pittsylvania County, Virginia F4005 Devin Timber 
29 Austin / Holley  Abt 1923Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3216 Devin Timber 
30 Austin / Slaydon  19 Dec 1878Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3085 Devin Timber 
31 Barbour / Martin  28 Sep 1929Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3771 Devin Timber 
32 Barbour / Moore  Bef 1920Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3841 Devin Timber 
33 Barbour / Pruitt  16 Nov 1911Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3769 Devin Timber 
34 Barbour / Wells  27 Dec 1871Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2615 Devin Timber 
35 Barker /   20 Mar 1801Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3494 Devin Timber 
36 Blair / Aaron  28 Mat 1869Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3979 Devin Timber 
37 Branson / Jefferson  08 Nov 1821Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3861 Devin Timber 
38 Brown /   1803Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3495 Devin Timber 
39 Brown /   1810Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3500 Devin Timber 
40 Bryant / Jackson  10 Feb 1839Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3961 Devin Timber 
41 Carter / Adkins  18 Jul 1803Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2525 Devin Timber 
42 Carter / Durrett  25 Jun 1812Pittsylvania County, Virginia F22667 Devin Timber 
43 Carter / Lyon  c 1840Pittsylvania County, Virginia F22695 Devin Timber 
44 Carter / Motley  19 Dec 1850Pittsylvania County, Virginia F22713 Devin Timber 
45 Carter / Walters  1 Feb 1795Pittsylvania County, Virginia F22718 Devin Timber 
46 Carter / Womack  7 Feb 1795Pittsylvania County, Virginia F22732 Devin Timber 
47 Collins / Adkins  Bef 1890Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3880 Devin Timber 
48 Cook / Turk  Pittsylvania County, Virginia F4011 Devin Timber 
49 Cox / Sutherline  25 Jan 1827Pittsylvania County, Virginia F2825 Devin Timber 
50 Dunn / Jackson  1809Pittsylvania County, Virginia F3938 Devin Timber 

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