News: Looking for females who are in the pure female lines (mother to daughter) from William and Sarah who are willing to do an mtDNA test. Such a person would be descended along an all female line from Mary DEVIN Biggers or Margaret DEVIN Reynolds. The hope is to identify the markers for Sarah SMITH Devin to help identify her parents. Contact the webmaster if interested.

Devin descendant, Stanley Wayne Devin, passed away at 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2014. He was the last living child of Ira & Oleta Devin.
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Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Betty  07 Sep 1755Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I4364 Devin Timber 
2 Armistead, Hennie  c 1873Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12152 Devin Timber 
3 Arritt, Granville Emmaline  C 1830Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14025 Devin Timber 
4 Arritt, Mary Magdalene  c 1825Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14024 Devin Timber 
5 Bennett, Richard E.  c 1780Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67946 Devin Timber 
6 Bigger, Mary "Polly"  Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67995 Devin Timber 
7 Blair, Samuel James  1870Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12816 Devin Timber 
8 Bohannan, Martha  c 1832Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12991 Devin Timber 
9 Boley, Elvira  c 1800Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12919 Devin Timber 
10 Bostick, Margaret Dozier  c 1830Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I68001 Devin Timber 
11 Brandon, Catherine  c 1800Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67813 Devin Timber 
12 Burton, Alice  1871Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12916 Devin Timber 
13 Burton, John  1870Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12915 Devin Timber 
14 Burton, Walter  1867Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12914 Devin Timber 
15 Cabaness, John C.  c 1800Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67942 Devin Timber 
16 Cabaness, John Carter  c 1810Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67932 Devin Timber 
17 Cabaness, Matthew  c 1775Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67931 Devin Timber 
18 Carter, Presley  c 1765Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12954 Devin Timber 
19 Carter, Alexander  23 Nov 1785Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14121 Devin Timber 
20 Carter, Alexander  c 1812Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67869 Devin Timber 
21 Carter, Alexander Lafayette  5 May 1835Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67961 Devin Timber 
22 Carter, Allen  c 1826Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12993 Devin Timber 
23 Carter, Alma L.  c 1904Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12892 Devin Timber 
24 Carter, America Bedford  14 Feb 1820Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67944 Devin Timber 
25 Carter, America Olive  c 1862Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67930 Devin Timber 
26 Carter, Ann Nancy  c 1780Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14120 Devin Timber 
27 Carter, Carolyn Graves  19 Oct 1839Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67927 Devin Timber 
28 Carter, Charles  c 1772Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14112 Devin Timber 
29 Carter, Charles Edwards  5 Jun 1895Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8293 Devin Timber 
30 Carter, Charles Glenn "Bo"  1925Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14004 Devin Timber 
31 Carter, Charles Samuel  24 Jan 1844Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67877 Devin Timber 
32 Carter, Claiborne P.  11 Sept 1852Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12989 Devin Timber 
33 Carter, Darothy B.  13 Mar 1924Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8241 Devin Timber 
34 Carter, David Brian  31 May 1961Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14007 Devin Timber 
35 Carter, Edward Palmer  c 1891Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67980 Devin Timber 
36 Carter, Edward Willis  1848Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12912 Devin Timber 
37 Carter, Edwin S.  22 Jul 1866Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67879 Devin Timber 
38 Carter, Eliza Ann  13 Jan 1826Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67815 Devin Timber 
39 Carter, Elizabeth  26 Sep 1736Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14012 Devin Timber 
40 Carter, Elizabeth  c 1781Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67776 Devin Timber 
41 Carter, Elizabeth  c 1802Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I68008 Devin Timber 
42 Carter, Elizabeth  1840Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I68039 Devin Timber 
43 Carter, Elizabeth  1848Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I13011 Devin Timber 
44 Carter, Elizabeth Cunningham  23 Dec 1817Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67943 Devin Timber 
45 Carter, Ella  c 1878Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I13013 Devin Timber 
46 Carter, Fauntleroy  c 1827Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67781 Devin Timber 
47 Carter, Frances  Abt 1921Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8240 Devin Timber 
48 Carter, Francis  c 1770Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14139 Devin Timber 
49 Carter, Francis Watkins  Dec 1772Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I13941 Devin Timber 
50 Carter, George  c 1810Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67868 Devin Timber 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell, Sarah L. "Sallie"  c. 1848Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I9072 Devin Timber 
2 Carter, Charles  c 1805Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14112 Devin Timber 
3 Carter, Charles Edwards  Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8293 Devin Timber 
4 Carter, Claiborne P.  2 ? 1933Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12989 Devin Timber 
5 Carter, Darothy B.  28 May 1924Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8241 Devin Timber 
6 Carter, David Brian  24 Feb 1962Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14007 Devin Timber 
7 Carter, George Lewis  5 May 1961Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7631 Devin Timber 
8 Carter, George Turner  29 May 1940Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7278 Devin Timber 
9 Carter, Harvey "Harry" Angle  05 Jul 1971Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7634 Devin Timber 
10 Carter, James H.  13 Nov 1972Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8238 Devin Timber 
11 Carter, John  20 Sep 1781Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I13905 Devin Timber 
12 Carter, John  13 Jul 1805Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14117 Devin Timber 
13 Carter, John Green  22 Jan 1963Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I13015 Devin Timber 
14 Carter, Lemuel  1861Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67959 Devin Timber 
15 Carter, Mary Susan  13 Jan 1968Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7633 Devin Timber 
16 Carter, Nancy Eveline  1906Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67926 Devin Timber 
17 Carter, Nannie M.  1922Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12913 Devin Timber 
18 Carter, Richard  1786Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I13984 Devin Timber 
19 Carter, Richard  c 1861Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67812 Devin Timber 
20 Carter, Richard 'died young'  Bef 1796Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12951 Devin Timber 
21 Carter, Sally  Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I13997 Devin Timber 
22 Carter, Samuel 'Dock'  c 1860Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12953 Devin Timber 
23 Carter, Samuel 'Tavern Keeper'  25 Apr 1836Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14113 Devin Timber 
24 Carter, Susannah  Aft 1811Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14116 Devin Timber 
25 Carter, William Green Sr.  5 Jul 1955Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7282 Devin Timber 
26 Carter, William Green Jr.  1 Nov 1965Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7280 Devin Timber 
27 Edwards, Edna Lacy  31 Dec 1983Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14010 Devin Timber 
28 Edwards, Minnie Maude  13 Mar 1959Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14009 Devin Timber 
29 Edwards, Robert Thomas  21 May 1939Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7293 Devin Timber 
30 Francis, Elizabeth  Bef 1910Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I14008 Devin Timber 
31 Gravett, John Archer  1838Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I9071 Devin Timber 
32 Gravett, Larkin  1819Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12169 Devin Timber 
33 Gravitt, John King  1924Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I9073 Devin Timber 
34 Green, James A. P.  Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I9076 Devin Timber 
35 Green, Margaret Ethel "Maggie"  18 Apr 1924Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8235 Devin Timber 
36 Green, Martha Sue  Bef 1885Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7279 Devin Timber 
37 Green, Sallie Frances  7 Apr 1936Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I7628 Devin Timber 
38 Mrs. John Jackson, Hannah  Abt 1800Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I12435 Devin Timber 
39 Powell, Addison G.  5 Dec 1923Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8277 Devin Timber 
40 Powell, Bessie Howard  17 Feb 1953Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67964 Devin Timber 
41 Powell, Mary Elizabeth  3 Jan 1965Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8291 Devin Timber 
42 Powell, Mastin J. Sr.  1846Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8270 Devin Timber 
43 Powell, William Jefferson Sr.  04 Dec 1882Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I8269 Devin Timber 
44 Sheppard, Mary Elizabeth  28 Oct 1863Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I67874 Devin Timber 
45 Woody, Harriett Elizabeth  28 Mar 1876Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I9075 Devin Timber 
46 Woody, Lucy Ann  15 Jul 1882Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I9050 Devin Timber 
47 Woody, Susan  Aft 1880Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. I9105 Devin Timber 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   8 Sep 1812Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4401 Devin Timber 
2 / Hill  24 Mar 1890Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22723 Devin Timber 
3 / Powell  24 Dec 1816Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22758 Devin Timber 
4 / Turner  27 Nov 1787Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F3492 Devin Timber 
5 Bennett / Carter  5 Nov 1802Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22712 Devin Timber 
6 Burton / Powell  11 Oct 1866Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F2766 Devin Timber 
7 Cabaness / Carter  2 Feb 1803Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22707 Devin Timber 
8 Cabaness / Carter  19 Oct 1829Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22711 Devin Timber 
9 Carter / Arritt  c 1844Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4384 Devin Timber 
10 Carter / Arritt  c 1850Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4385 Devin Timber 
11 Carter / Bohannan  c 1865Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4039 Devin Timber 
12 Carter / Bostick  24 Feb 1855Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22731 Devin Timber 
13 Carter / Brandon  15 Jul 1822Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22680 Devin Timber 
14 Carter / Cook  26 Oct 1792Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4375 Devin Timber 
15 Carter / Cunningham  c 1755Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4368 Devin Timber 
16 Carter / Farmer  2 Mar 1938Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22719 Devin Timber 
17 Carter / Green  11 Oct 1909Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F2753 Devin Timber 
18 Carter / Hobson  23 Mar 1801Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22728 Devin Timber 
19 Carter / Kirby  6 Aug 1849Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22754 Devin Timber 
20 Carter / Kirby  21 Dec 1859Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22730 Devin Timber 
21 Carter / Lucas  18 Dec 1804Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22692 Devin Timber 
22 Carter / McCannon  9 Jun 1807Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22657 Devin Timber 
23 Carter / McRobert  c 1774Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4381 Devin Timber 
24 Carter / Meeler  c 1877Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4048 Devin Timber 
25 Carter / Milam  16 Dec 1896Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22694 Devin Timber 
26 Carter / Miles  17 Jul 1823Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4383 Devin Timber 
27 Carter / Neal  8 Sep 1812Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22681 Devin Timber 
28 Carter / Nunnellee  1 May 1838Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22706 Devin Timber 
29 Carter / Powell  26 Feb 1798Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4382 Devin Timber 
30 Carter / Powell  26 Dec 1801Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22717 Devin Timber 
31 Carter / Powell  24 Mar 1804Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4418 Devin Timber 
32 Carter / Powell  24 Mar 1804Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22812 Devin Timber 
33 Carter / Powell  12 Feb 1832Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4038 Devin Timber 
34 Carter / Powell  7 Nov 1836Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4388 Devin Timber 
35 Carter / Powell  c 1892Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F2772 Devin Timber 
36 Carter / Satterfield  20 Dec 1911Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F2634 Devin Timber 
37 Carter / Sheppard  12 Oct 1830Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22693 Devin Timber 
38 Carter / Stevens   22 Aug 1803Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22710 Devin Timber 
39 Carter / Stevens  22 Apr 1805Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22709 Devin Timber 
40 Carter / Tarpley  28 Oct 1848Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22735 Devin Timber 
41 Carter / Terrell  c 1860Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4026 Devin Timber 
42 Carter / Thacker  c 1912Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4378 Devin Timber 
43 Carter / Turner  30 Nov 1829Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4019 Devin Timber 
44 Carter / Waddell  29 Jan 1789Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4366 Devin Timber 
45 Carter / Waddill  c 1735Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4361 Devin Timber 
46 Carter / Walters  Abt 1764Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22659 Devin Timber 
47 Carter / Westley  20 Dec 1865Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F22721 Devin Timber 
48 Devin / Wilson  13 Dec 1860Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F2484 Devin Timber 
49 Edwards / Francis  Bef 1885Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F4380 Devin Timber 
50 Edwards / Powell  11 Jun 1884Halifax County, Virginia U.S.A. F2767 Devin Timber 

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