News: Looking for females who are in the pure female lines (mother to daughter) from William and Sarah who are willing to do an mtDNA test. Such a person would be descended along an all female line from Mary DEVIN Biggers or Margaret DEVIN Reynolds. The hope is to identify the markers for Sarah SMITH Devin to help identify her parents. Contact the webmaster if interested.

Devin descendant, Stanley Wayne Devin, passed away at 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2014. He was the last living child of Ira & Oleta Devin.
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Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Alexander  Abt 1863Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3176 Devin Timber 
2 Barton, Anna  Abt 1861Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3175 Devin Timber 
3 Barton, boy  Oct 1869Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3178 Devin Timber 
4 Barton, George  Abt 1865Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3177 Devin Timber 
5 Barton, Howard  Abt 1857Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3163 Devin Timber 
6 Barton, Margaret  8 Dec 1858Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3164 Devin Timber 
7 Barton, William  Abt 1855Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3162 Devin Timber 
8 Clement, John A. Jr.  18 May 1812Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1189 Devin Timber 
9 Devin, Alexander Calvin  17 Dec 1834Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1289 Devin Timber 
10 Devin, Alexander Nowlin  11 Aug 1844Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1257 Devin Timber 
11 Devin, Alice Jane  12 Dec 1859Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1304 Devin Timber 
12 Devin, Charles  Abt 1876Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2776 Devin Timber 
13 Devin, David  Abt 1861Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1220 Devin Timber 
14 Devin, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1835Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1254 Devin Timber 
15 Devin, Elizabeth  01 Apr 1884Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2902 Devin Timber 
16 Devin, Elmer Gibson  25 Jul 1879Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1280 Devin Timber 
17 Devin, Emma Peyton  Abt Dec 1879Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1340 Devin Timber 
18 Devin, George A.  Abt 1857Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1219 Devin Timber 
19 Devin, James Albert  Oct 1846Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2777 Devin Timber 
20 Devin, James J.  Abt 1858Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1218 Devin Timber 
21 Devin, John Peyton Jr.  14 May 1895Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3058 Devin Timber 
22 Devin, John Q.  Abt 1863Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1221 Devin Timber 
23 Devin, Kate Augusta  6 Sep 1867Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3184 Devin Timber 
24 Devin, Leila Jane  04 Oct 1889Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2821 Devin Timber 
25 Devin, Mary  Abt 1879Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3196 Devin Timber 
26 Devin, Mary Crawford  24 Aug 1833Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1288 Devin Timber 
27 Devin, Nellie R.  22 Nov 1877Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1279 Devin Timber 
28 Devin, Raymond  02 Aug 1887Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3060 Devin Timber 
29 Devin, Rebecca Chapman  Abt 1823Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1200 Devin Timber 
30 Devin, Susan Nowlin  04 Oct 1839Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1291 Devin Timber 
31 Devin, William  19 Jan 1837Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1290 Devin Timber 
32 Devin, Winnefred Jennie  Abt 1877Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2825 Devin Timber 
33 Downey, Anna  Abt Mar 1860Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3194 Devin Timber 
34 Downey, Cordelia  May 1870Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1230 Devin Timber 
35 Downey, Minnie  Abt 1861Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1227 Devin Timber 
36 Downey, Sarah  Abt 1864Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2768 Devin Timber 
37 Eastridge, James D  Abt 1849Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3046 Devin Timber 
38 Emerson, Columbus  28 Jul 1842Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3239 Devin Timber 
39 Ewing, Melissa A.  05 Oct 1844Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3057 Devin Timber 
40 Fleener, Elizabeth  01 Dec 1825Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2459 Devin Timber 
41 Fleener, Issac  20 Apr 1824Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2458 Devin Timber 
42 Fleener, Mary  01 Oct 1819Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2374 Devin Timber 
43 Fleener, Sarah  19 Jul 1821Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2460 Devin Timber 
44 French, William E.  Abt 1876Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3187 Devin Timber 
45 Garwood, James V.  1845Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2339 Devin Timber 
46 Garwood, Lucy  Abt 1838Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2579 Devin Timber 
47 Garwood, Lucy  1867Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2258 Devin Timber 
48 Lilleston, Alvin  Abt 1858Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I12903 Devin Timber 
49 Mauck, James Edgar  04 Jan 1854Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3053 Devin Timber 
50 Mauck, Mary Jane  Abt 1850Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2765 Devin Timber 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chapman, Hannah  31 Aug 1873Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1183 Devin Timber 
2 Devin, Alexander  05 Jan 1827Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I0054 Devin Timber 
3 Devin, Catherine Ann  27 Nov 1888Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1176 Devin Timber 
4 Devin, James  27 Dec 1844Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1167 Devin Timber 
5 Devin, Lucy  28 Dec 1827Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1166 Devin Timber 
6 Devin, Nancy Smith  15 Mar 1876Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1177 Devin Timber 
7 Devin, Robert  29 Sep 1841Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2738 Devin Timber 
8 Fleener, John  15 Jul 1858Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2370 Devin Timber 
9 Garwood, Almira  1966Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1246 Devin Timber 
10 Garwood, Henry  1959Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2797 Devin Timber 
11 Garwood, James  Abt 1856Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2733 Devin Timber 
12 Garwood, Lucy  1942Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2258 Devin Timber 
13 Holcomb, Alexander Lee  1814Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1182 Devin Timber 
14 Kruse, Rhoda C.  04 Feb 1890Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1338 Devin Timber 
15 McClure, Joseph Perry  23 Jan 1898Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1344 Devin Timber 
16 Nowlin, Susannah  08 Nov 1846Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1164 Devin Timber 
17 Smith, James Alexander  27 May 1865Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1352 Devin Timber 
18 Smith, Judith Gayle  20 Sep 1873Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I3267 Devin Timber 
19 Smith, Susan Devin  18 Aug 1849Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1351 Devin Timber 
20 Smith, Thomas Lewis  18 Jan 1876Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1349 Devin Timber 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Garwood, Dovie  Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I1169 Devin Timber 
2 Garwood, Ollie E.  Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I0111 Devin Timber 
3 Garwood, Osmond  Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I2260 Devin Timber 
4 Humphreys, Maud  Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. I0221 Devin Timber 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Devin  03 Sep 1903Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1065 Devin Timber 
2 Alexander / Devin  27 Oct 1821Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0348 Devin Timber 
3 Baldwin / DePriest  22 Jun 1865Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1104 Devin Timber 
4 Barton / Devin  29 Sep 1853Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1052 Devin Timber 
5 Beck / Devin  22 Aug 1814Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0349 Devin Timber 
6 Brown / Garwood  20 Dec 1905Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0821 Devin Timber 
7 DePriest / Devin  03 Dec 1846Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0353 Devin Timber 
8 Devin / Berlin  26 Oct 1843Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0352 Devin Timber 
9 Devin / Chapman  05 Feb 1818Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0345 Devin Timber 
10 Devin / Durrah  20 Jan 1859Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0373 Devin Timber 
11 Devin / Ewing  01 May 1866Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1053 Devin Timber 
12 Devin / Graff  19 Jun 1849Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1028 Devin Timber 
13 Devin / Higgins  06 Dec 1887Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1057 Devin Timber 
14 Devin / Hudelson  18 Oct 1832Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0370 Devin Timber 
15 Devin / Johnson  05 Apr 1855Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0354 Devin Timber 
16 Devin / Kruse  28 Dec 1875Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0384 Devin Timber 
17 Devin / Lounsdale  05 Feb 1824Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0347 Devin Timber 
18 Devin / Milburn  08 Dec 1837Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1030 Devin Timber 
19 Devin / Wheeler  21 Jun 1875Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1056 Devin Timber 
20 Downey / Devin  26 Apr 1859Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0358 Devin Timber 
21 Eastridge / Devin  14 Sep 1848Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1037 Devin Timber 
22 Emerson / DePriest  06 Dec 1905Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1142 Devin Timber 
23 Fentriss / Garwood  08 Jul 1856Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0731 Devin Timber 
24 Fisher / Devin  12 Oct 1854Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0371 Devin Timber 
25 Fleener / Devin  06 Jul 1815Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0849 Devin Timber 
26 French / Devin  25 May 1854Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1055 Devin Timber 
27 Garwood / Brown  08 Dec 1904Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0742 Devin Timber 
28 Garwood / Brown  16 Dec 1919Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0881 Devin Timber 
29 Garwood / Fleener  22 Mar 1835Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1047 Devin Timber 
30 Garwood / Hill  24 Aug 1865Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0997 Devin Timber 
31 Holcomb / Devin  14 Oct 1813Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0344 Devin Timber 
32 Holcomb / Kilpatrick  24 Jan 1839Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1036 Devin Timber 
33 Holcomb / Lathom  17 May 1836Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0350 Devin Timber 
34 Hummer / Devin  05 Sep 1833Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1026 Devin Timber 
35 Jones / Baldwin  24 Jan 1886Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1144 Devin Timber 
36 Key / McClure  28 Sep 1858Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0705 Devin Timber 
37 King / Devin  11 Oct 1843Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1190 Devin Timber 
38 Lester / Jones  21 Apr 1916Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1086 Devin Timber 
39 Mauck / Devin  23 Aug 1849Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0355 Devin Timber 
40 McClure / Wheeler  16 Sep 1874Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1170 Devin Timber 
41 Milburn / Devin  23 Nov 1865Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0380 Devin Timber 
42 Milburn / Harris  10 Jun 1896Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0646 Devin Timber 
43 Monroe / Garwood  11 Dec 1904Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0822 Devin Timber 
44 Parke / Alexander  27 Sep 1853Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F2482 Devin Timber 
45 Powers / Garwood  29 Jun 1920Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0930 Devin Timber 
46 Rawlings / Devin  17 Apr 1855Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0356 Devin Timber 
47 Rutland / Devin  01 Dec 1829Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F1025 Devin Timber 
48 Sisson / Jones  18 Oct 1909Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0924 Devin Timber 
49 Smith / Davidson  01 Jun 1876Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0389 Devin Timber 
50 Smith / Devin  20 May 1835Gibson County, Indiana U.S.A. F0387 Devin Timber 

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