News: Looking for females who are in the pure female lines (mother to daughter) from William and Sarah who are willing to do an mtDNA test. Such a person would be descended along an all female line from Mary DEVIN Biggers or Margaret DEVIN Reynolds. The hope is to identify the markers for Sarah SMITH Devin to help identify her parents. Contact the webmaster if interested.

Devin descendant, Stanley Wayne Devin, passed away at 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2014. He was the last living child of Ira & Oleta Devin.
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   Source ID   Title, Author 
101 S67630 Chamberlayne, Richard: Land Patent (2543 acres)
Virginia Land Office 
102 S67629 Chamberlayne, Richard: Land Patent (360 acres)
Virginia Land Office 
103 S67631 Chamberlayne, Richard: Land Patent (404 acres)
Virginia Land Office 
104 S04368 Charlestown Christianing Record #45
105 S04644 Charlestown Genealogies and Estates
106 S04369 Charlestown Vital Records Vol. 1
107 S04370 Charlestown VR Vol 1, p 57
108 S04371 Charlestown VR Vol I p100
109 S04372 Charlestown VR Vol I, p231
110 S04373 Charlestown VR, Vol I p 150.
111 S04374 Charlestown, MA VR to 1850
112 S67717 Charlotte LANTZ Abbott
113 S04621 Chart by Colleen Powers Mahon
114 S04685 Chart of the Judson Family
Drawn by Arthur S. Meloy in Stratford, Conneticut 
115 S04376 Chelmsford Vital Records
116 S04375 Chelmsford VR p 246, 186
117 S04377 Chelmsford, MA VR to 1849, 168
118 S04378 Chelmsford, MA VR to 1850
119 S67628 Christian, Charles: Land Patent (400 acres)
120 S04643 Civil War Pension File
121 S04234 Claim of Heirs of E. Devin, deceased, against Est. J.B. Devin, deceased: Petition
122 S67423 Clapp, Mitchell
123 S67690 Clarendon Enterprise
124 S67854 Clark County Washington, Marriage Returns
125 S04142 Claunch, Alta
126 S04176 Claunch, Ammie Belle: death certificate
127 S04119 Claunch, AmmieBelle Crisamore: Bible
128 S04184 Claunch, George Talton: death certicate
Mississippi. Tishomingo County 
129 S04120 Claunch, Leatha Gladis : Headstone
130 S04311 Claunch, Lola Octavia: Certificate of Death
131 S67857 Clayton Devin
Devin, Clayton 
132 S67759 Cochran, Karen
133 S67536 College Mound Cemetery Records
134 S67695 Commitment Order for Robert Fulton Tharp
Illinois. Lawrence County 
135 S04379 Concord VR
136 S04380 Concord VR to 1850
137 S04381 Concord, American Town
Scudder, Townsend 
138 S04612 Concord, Climate for Freedom
Wheeler, Ruth R. 
139 S62506 Cones, Ann S. : Headstone
140 S67490 Confederate Soldiers of Pittsylvania County & Danville
Williams, Mike K. 
141 S67770 Consolidated Lists of Civil War Draft Registrations, 1863-1865
Provost Marshal Generalís Bureau (Civil War) 
142 S67633 Cook, William: Land Patent
Virginia Land Office 
143 S62441 Cottage Hill
144 S04179 Cox, Sandra
145 S04133 Crabb, Charles William : Birth Certificate
146 S04134 Crabb, Charles William: Death Certificate
147 S04299 Crabb, Pamela Cay: Certificate of Live Birth
148 S04382 CT. Families, Genealogies of
149 S67469 Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia Vestry book, 1746-1816
Bell, Landon Covington 
150 S04383 Cutter, Middlesex County, Vol IV p 1721

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